Registration Fees

Each course is a 10 month curriculum. Multiply each monthly fee by 10 to get the total course fee.
Please note: Your test will be graded using the King James Version Holy Bible.
When you sign our application and pay your fee’s. you are certifying that you have read,
understand, agree and will abide by the goals, policies and regulations of our school.

Diploma and Degrees offered:



Monthly for 10 Months

(One time yearly fee)

New Student $65
Returning Student $45
Bible Minister diploma $155 per month
$1,550 year
Associate AA Degree $165 per month
$1,650 year
Bachelors BS Degree $175 per month
$1,750 year
Master’s Degree MS $185 per month
$1,850 year
Doctorate of Theology $205 per month
$2,050 year
Doctorate of Divinity $215 per month
$2,150 year
Test Payment$1 Once