Our Credentials

Pastor-Dr. Ben E. Andrews accepted the call of
the Holy Spirit and began preaching the Word of
in May of 1974. He was ordained as a
Minister of the Gospel in 1976.
He received his Bachelors Degree in Theology in
He received his Doctorate in Theology from
The Lord’s Outreach of Theology in 2018.
He and his wife, Minister Joyce Andrews, founded
Holy Bible Faith Center in June of 1989. He still
holds the position of Senior Pastor of the church.
Minister Joyce Andrews, noted and respected
Biblical author and historian, served as the
Minister of Education until her untimely passing
early in 2021. She authored many papers and
published three books while lecturing extensively
on her findings. She was an ordained minister and
can still be seen on her television show, “You Are
“Star Right Where You Are”, which airs in
She received her BS Degree in Theology while
continuing to teach and write. Her other two
books, “Bible Legacy of the Black Race,” and
“The Lost Legacy of Ham,” along with “You Are
A Star Right Where You Are” are available
through Holy Bible Faith Center.
Dr. Yolanda G. Duriso, PH.D., President and
, has studied under Pastor and Minister
Andrews since 1989. A gift that Dr. Duriso has
repeatedly demonstrated in the body of Christ is the
gift of teaching. She presently teaches Sunday
School, Morning Bible Study and all classes
offered by the church. She has also taught
theology classes at The Lord’s Outreach School of
Theology for over two years.
She has received a Doctorate in Theology
Doctorate of Divinity and is a MS Certified
Christian Counselor.
Dr. Bobby Brumley, instructor, is also an
ordained minister at the Holy Bible Faith Center
church. He received his Doctorate Degree in
Theology in 2019 from The Lord’s Outreach
School of Theology. Dr. Brumley is the
Assistant Youth Minister at the church and he
also Sunday School.
He is very active in the ministry and has been an
instructor with the school from the very

School accreditation awarded by:

Trans World Accrediting Commission International
231 E. Alessandro Blvd.
Riverside, CA. 92508